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Dazzling homeware for the modern nomad.

From wandering through cities and streets to wondering how to bring such a feeling home. As modern nomads we love traveling, exploring and making memories. But still we spend most of our time at home (these days). We believe in collecting beautiful and unique objects that reflect our adventures and that we will treasure forever as souvenirs from our trips around the world. 


Lindsey has always been a treasure hunter. From little gemstones to beautifully beaded headbands when she was little to scented candles from all over the world and an enviable collection of bohemian dresses she proudly wears. After graduating from AMFI at 21 she decided to chase her dreams and make that treasure hunting really her thing as she believes everyone deserves having a whole lot of treasures at home. Curating mesmerizing items and brands such as lacquered candles from Italy, Vondels' Christmas magic and artisanal tableware from Morocco.

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